All pools have a 0% pool fee, start mining today!
Welcome to DogecoinDark (DOGED) mining pool!


Welcome to DogecoinDark (DOGED) mining pool.

Pool features include -

  • Proportional payout system
  • 0% pool fee
  • Stratum support
  • Various difficulty settings to choose from including variable
  • Automatic/manual payout options
  • Low 0.01 DOGED withdrawal fee
  • Solid state drive infrastructure

Stratum connection options listed below.

Mining Difficulty Stratum Connection String
Variable stratum+tcp://
8 stratum+tcp://
16 stratum+tcp://
32 stratum+tcp://
64 stratum+tcp://
128 stratum+tcp://
256 stratum+tcp://
512 stratum+tcp://
1024 stratum+tcp://
2048 stratum+tcp://
4096 stratum+tcp://
8192 stratum+tcp://
16384 stratum+tcp://

Latest News are trialling a new DogecoinDark mining pool, if enough interest is obtained we will consider retaining this mining pool.

The pool will remain active unless this mining pool falls idle and no blocks are located in over 60 days.